Consious Core

The awakened core has tremendous positive effect on our movement routine, our daily life. Recognizing the need for safe and intelligent practice you will learn through various exercises how to align your pelvis and move from your core. Stress, unprocessed trauma and emotions can be stored deep within your core. To access this part of yourself can be of great benefit to finding more ease, well-being and vitality.
In the conscious core workshop we will practice all the major Yoga asana groups: standing poses, forward bends, twists and backbends and learn how our core relates to each asana. You will have a better understanding on how an awakened core supports good alignment and how to honor and treat your body well in a way that supports your growth and progress.
The Consious Core workshop is for anyone who wants to learn about having functional, strong working core. It's for beginners and advanced yogi's who want to learn how your legs, pelvis, spine and shoulders can affect the health of your core and what you can do to bring balance back into these structures. Kick start 2018 and take your yoga practice to a higher level with the Conscious Core workshop. 
The workshop -English spoken- is given by international yoga teacher Évi Bacsi. 
When: 10th of february
Time: 13.30 - 15.00
Price: € 25,-