'The art of breathing'

According to Yoga tradition, the breath is said to carry a persons life force (Prana). Some gurus rank pranayama (breath control) over asana (yoga postures), as the most important part of the practice.

The Sanskrit word Prana refers to breath (the vital energy) and ayama is to extend, together it means: breath extension or breath control.

In this workshop (English spoken) we'll explore some of the breathing techniques, which you can incorporate into your regular Yoga practice as well as in your daily life. If you wish to bring your Yoga practice on a higher level, Pranayama practice is a must!

Via different yoga pranayama techniques and breathing exercises we will explore the fun and benefits of the power of the breath. 'To control the mind is to control the breath'- so goes the message of the ancient sages of yoga. 

When: Saturday 6th of Januari

Time 13.00-14.30 hrs

Price: € 20,- 

Please reserve your mat via the Moon Yoga Club app of bel 072-7436011.