We are grateful and very honoured that a living master of Naada (sound) Yoga and creator of Microchakra Psychology™, Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, is going to bring us a visit! Book your tickets in advance as this will likely be sold out very soon.


All of us have a subtle body within us, containing seven radiant chakras which correspond to our physical body. Unfortunately, pathways from the chakras (microchakras) to the physical body can become blocked, such that our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being becomes compromised. However, there is a system by which such blockages can be removed – InnerTuning®.
This system is an integrated practice, whose synchronous effect on psychological, spiritual, and physical levels unfolds new awareness. This provides tangible self-development and renewed joy in being.

During this workshop, we will learn how to:
. Utilize the light from our chakras
. Vocalize powerful sounds and rhythms
. Use ancient ways of synchronizing our breath with the cycles of nature
. Use the science of color

Wisdom of chakra's
Thus, enhancing the joy of life, and restoring physical, emotional, and mental health.

Students who take the time to expose themselves to these special sounds on a consistent basis have the unique opportunity to experience even deeper openings. Watch the strength of your motivation grow, giving you more focus, healthy emotions, and the ability to meditate. Past participants of this course have reported an overall deeper sense of calm, bliss, and in some cases, out-of-body experiences.

Through extraordinary mantras and sounds of the chakras with a focus on the breath, reach into your unique golden space, soorya akasha...
The group will also chant along with the master and discuss our experiences. The workshop will conclude with a healing chant fortified with the celestial tones of the tambura, an ancient drone instrument for meditation.

About Sri Shyamji:

Sri Shyamji
Sri Shyamji is the founder of Chakra Institute with his headcounters located in USA.
He encountered his Spiritual Teacher at the age of twelve in his native India. After moving to the United States, he discovered and developed his unique psycho-spiritual theory of microchakras, which profoundly enriches the classical understanding of the chakras. His method of InnerTuning® combines Microchakra Psychology™ with his exceptional gift for producing sounds that enhance the flow of energy in the subtle body.
For over four decades professionals and students in Europe and North and South America have enriched their lives through his methods. At the age of 84 he is still travelling the world 3 times a year!! Sri Shyamji has presented his work all over the world, including at major universities and growth centers.

His book Microchakras: InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being, by S Bhatnagar and D. Isaacs was published in 2009 and is available on

It is going to be a unique and magical experience. Please mark your agenda and claim your spot and buy your ticket online today! There are only 32 tickets available.

When: 29 maart
Time: 13.30-17.30 hrs
Price: 95 euro