True North spiritual retreat

27th September till 1st October 2023

True North spiritual retreat - 27th September - 1st October 2023

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Moon Yoga Club

Founder Moon Yoga Club 

Irene le Roy

'Find the courage to listen to your inner voice'

As a personal spiritual experiment I want to see if I can fully live from my heart. Blindly trust my intuition. How far can I grow? Where does it take me? And can I inspire other people to do the same? Everyone has a purpose, a plan here on Earth. Your purpose is locked inside heart. All you have to do is pay attention to the moments when you smile. The moment you feel happy. Follow that direction and the rest will fall in place. My yoga classes, healings, meditations and programs have one thing in common; they strengthen your inner knowing. It's like a muscle which you can train. The more often you make the connection, the more powerful the connection will get. It sounds simple, but it is, with the right guidance. It doesn't matter where you start. Just start, it'll bring you closer to yourself. Your heart knows the way. During the True North retreat you'll gain clarity, confidence and courage to listen to your inner voice.

Irene le Roy (1978), founder Moon Yoga Club, Brand Strategist & Communication specialist, 800 RYT Yin & Vinyasa yoga teacher, Pranic Healer, Yoga Nidra teacher and Arhatic Yoga practitioner. After more than a decade of helping multinationals with their brand strategy and marketing campaigns, she exchanged boardrooms for her own yoga studio; Moon Yoga Club in Bergen, Netherlands. Its my mission is to inspire people to strengthen their intuition.

Moon Yoga Club

Transformational Coach

Daniella Schoch

'I see it as my mission to awaken the people to their true identity which is that of a spiritual being.'

I’m a transformational coach specialized in supporting conscious women to discover their potential, step Into their calling and break free from their past so they can embrace their influence and power blended with the wisdom of their heart and their intuition. I know firsthand how to transmute decades of unhappiness. I have been on a life-long journey to overcome limiting beliefs imposed by the material world, corporate culture, and modern-day institutions. I’ve learned to embrace my gifts in the spiritual realm with purpose and allowing my light to shine on the path that other women can follow toward a meaningful life to help and uplift others.In my personal coaching, workshops, retreats and masterclasses I bring intuitive women into alignment so they become empowered to live their destiny and reach higher and deeper for who they can become. The world seems to be crying out for a higher level of social consciousness, for fearless souls to look inward and skyward in search of transcendent solutions that overcome injustices and inequities with uncommon levels of compassion, awareness, and healing.I’m personally trained and mentored by Dr. Claire Zammit PhD, Founder of Feminine Power, and her life changing work in helping people – especially women – break through their inner barriers holding them back and empower them to actualize their potential and realize their destiny. I work with individuals, groups and organizations. 


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